Q and A’s

Providing optimal PT care means forming a valuable relationship between the patient and the physical therapist to meet your goals.

To ensure the best outcomes possible we schedule the evaluation and follow-up treatments for every patient with the same physical therapist to ensure consistency of care.

There are no technicians, aides or assistants at our clinic. This means each session is with the physical therapist who knows you and your exact case!

New Jersey law permits direct access to physical therapy without a physician referral/prescription.

However, some insurance plans require a physician referral/prescription for the physical therapy to be covered.
In many cases YES.
Physical therapy is incredibly effective in reducing pain and restoring function for many people. Often elective orthopedic surgeries can be avoided or delayed.

If you have questions about your particular issue give us a call for a free consultation to speak directly with a licensed physical therapist.
Level Up Physical Therapy offers personalized and unique care to each patient. The treatment provided by the physical therapist will be much different than general exercise.

Not only are we advocates of customized physical therapy: we are obsessed with it. Each patient is different and so is their path to recovery.
Of course if you have any other questions feel free to give us a call at 908-857-2153 or go to our Contact Us page.